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Shocking, to be sure, that someone has opinions on the internet. Still, Eric is irresistibly drawn to the obscure, unique corners of geek and media culture. From Lifehacker to his personal blog, Eric brings a distinct voice to topics in the realms of film, gaming, and the internet.


The New Blue Ranger Is Perfect

The 2017 Power Rangers film was far from a perfect movie, but in this piece on his personal site, Eric argues that it features one of the best characterizations of a person on the autism spectrum. Better yet, the film aims to be more generally inclusive (though it stumbles at times) than the show it’s based on. A show which was, famously, a hostile working environment for the actor who play the original blue ranger. That the new Billy Cranston was the vehicle for such a thoughtful step towards inclusion, Eric argues, is hard to read as anything but a mea culpa to the original actor.

Movies Aren't Bad

The film industry is littered with mediocre action films, endless sequels and reboots, and unoriginal ideas, right? Well, sure. But there are also some gems out there. In this piece on his personal site, Eric argues that there are good, wholly original movies out there if you’re willing to look. And since he’s looking, he rounds up a few of them. He continued this trend with another roundup for Review Geek a year later, and a third for The Inventory in 2018 to bring attention to the hidden, interesting, and original gems that made it to the theater.

By the way, check out Colossal.

A Brief History of BonziBuddy, the Internet’s Most Friendly Malware

A long time ago, before the days of regular Congressional testimony from social media companies, threats to personal privacy came from a more friendly place. In this piece for How-To Geek, Eric fires up Windows XP to get reacquainted with BonziBuddy, the bizarre purple monkey software that everyone in the early 2000s somehow accidentally installed and couldn’t get rid of.