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Eric has over five years of experience explaining technology at Lifehacker, How-To Geek, and other sites in a way that’s accessible and easy to digest. Not everyone loves technology, but everyone needs to use it. Here are a few examples of Eric’s past work.


Should You Buy Someone a Phone for the Holidays?

Every store and carrier runs a parade of sales on smartphones during the holiday shopping season. But they’re deeply personal devices. In this piece for the New York Times, Eric outlines the pitfalls of buying someone else a phone as a gift, and argues whether or not it’s a gift you should buy at all.

Why Snow, Rain, and Confetti Destroy Streaming Video Quality

Have you ever noticed that when you’re watching a show on Netflix, any scene with rain or confetti immediately destroys your picture quality? It’s not your internet connection that’s the problem. In this piece for How-To Geek, Eric explains how the limitations of video compression in streaming media can ruin the picture when there’s too much detail on the screen.

Why Some Scenes In Your Favorite Action Movies Look Jerky

There’s something different about the action scenes in that movie you just watched that feels unnatural. In this piece for How-To Geek, Eric created a series of high-quality GIFs to demonstrate the effect known as “strobing” and explains how it makes action scenes appear jerky and less fluid than other scenes.



Are My Amazon Echo and Google Home Spying on Everything I Say?

One of the most common questions you hear when you talk about smart speakers is “So, they’re listening to everything I say?” In this piece for How-To Geek, Eric explains the nuanced answer to that question, as well as the underlying concern of whether your privacy is really protected when you stick a microphone in your home.


Why Facebook Makes Your Images Look Like Crap, and How to Fix It

You took a great picture on your phone, but as soon as you upload it to Facebook it looks like garbage. Why does this happen? In this piece for Lifehacker, Eric breaks down how every upload to Facebook makes pictures look worse. He follows it up with a few tips on how to reduce the damage from Facebook’s relentless image compression.