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Essays, advice, and guides about life from Eric’s time at Lifehacker.


The Lifestyle Advice You Can’t Categorize

As Senior Writer of Lifehacker, Eric learned that sometimes you need to think outside the content mill for the advice and perspective readers really need. These are a collection of the best, most meaningful pieces Eric wrote on everything including poverty, mental health, and more.


Being Poor Is Too Expensive

There’s a penalty for being poor. In this piece for Lifehacker, Eric pulls from personal experience, studies, and statistics to show how living in poverty can, ironically, increase your cost of living, making it even harder to break the cycle.

Emotional Intelligence: The Social Skills You Weren't Taught in School

There are gaps in everyone’s knowledge that weren’t covered by public education. In this piece for Lifehacker, Eric examined the mixed model of emotional intelligence developed by psychologist Daniel Goleman as a springboard to covering the basics of managing your emotions. While at Lifehacker, Eric also wrote adult-friendly guides on topics where formal education failed to teach essential life skills, like managing your finances, or even basic hygiene.

The Misconceptions About Mental Illness We Need to Unlearn

Personal experience is hardly scientific, and hard science doesn’t always resonate with personal experience. Eric attempts to bridge the gap between the two in this post for Lifehacker. In it, Eric draws on personal experience to identify the misconceptions about mental illness that suffers encounter and must wrestle with on a daily basis, and squares it with scientific literature that puts those myths to rest.

No, I Can't "Just Relax": How I Learned to Manage My Anxiety Disorder

In this piece for Lifehacker, Eric once again draws from personal experience to break down how an anxiety disorder manifests, the coping mechanisms that help make it through the day, and the evidence for why they work.