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Product Reviews, Beyond the Spec Sheet

While employed at How-To Geek, Eric was on the team devoted to launching Review Geek, a sister site with a very simple premise: what do consumers really care about when buying a product? Eric drew on his experience covering tech at Android Police and Lifehacker to build the new site with a collection of useful, relevant product reviews.


My Stupid Cats Won’t Use This $450 Litter Robot, But Maybe Yours Will

There’s a difference between what a product is designed to do and what it can do in real life. In this piece for Review Geek, Eric put an expensive robotic litter box to the test with his two adorable, if difficult cats. Even when the cats failed to use the box, Eric turned the experience into a useful and entertaining piece.

Six Month Review: The Nintendo Switch Delivered On Its Lofty Promises

Every new gadget feels cool in the first week you have it. The real test is how it holds up over the long-term. In this piece for Review Geek, Eric re-reviewed the Nintendo Switch to determine if you really would hang out playing video games in photogenic rooftop parties like the company promised in its ads.


Retro Review: The Logitech G13 Is Still the Best World of Warcraft Accessory

For this piece on Review Geek, Eric reached even further back than just a few months. In a new series for the site, Eric did a Retro Review on the niche but powerful G13, a specialized gaming keypad that was particularly useful for MMOs like World of Warcraft. With the recent release of the latest WoW expansion, it was the perfect time to re-examine the decade-old gadget.


My Switch Looks Way Better, and More Nostalgic With This Basstop Case Mod

Blurring the lines between Review Geek’s consumer-centric audience and sister site How-To Geek’s hacker, warranty-breaking crowd, Eric reviewed this custom case mod for the Nintendo Switch. He reviewed not just the end product itself, but the process as a DIY project.