Satire & Comedy

Eric can’t be serious for too long.


Satire and Comedy

Eric has a hard time being serious for too long. Every once in a while, an editor falls asleep at the keyboard and lets Eric publish something they probably shouldn’t. These are the best posts Eric has gotten away with.


Top 10 Life Hacks That Don't Make Your Life Better At All

Turning a toaster sideways is a useful and effective way to make grilled cheese sandwiches, but Eric’s here to rain on everyone’s parade. “Everyone” here having the definition of “his employer.”

Hello This is a Layf Haker, I Have Good Hakes For You

Did Eric just want to get fired? Not only did he start a parody Twitter account of the site he wrote for, but he convinced his editors to feature the character on the site itself. Unorthodox career move, to say the least. Let’s see how it works out for him.

What’s the Best Stick?

This was an important Hive Five that needed to be done, but Lifehacker wouldn’t publish it. So, with a little help from the community, Eric took matters into his own hands.